Local Foundations Support Seniors First

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June 13, 2016
Volunteer Spotlight
June 27, 2016
Seniors First has been awarded a prestigious grant by the United Auburn Indian Community of the Auburn Rancheria for $10,000 to support home modification and safety repairs for older adults and vital nutrition programs that provide accessible, nourishing food to homebound seniors.
“This grant is given in recognition of the important job that you have undertaken and of the positive results you hope to achieve.  We are very impressed with the work you and your colleagues are doing and wish you great success,” stated UAIC’s Community Giving Committee Chairperson Victoria Ocasio in a letter to Seniors First’s Executive Director Jamee Horning.
We also send our sincere appreciation to the Pasco Foundation for their recent donation of $2,500.  Their generous contribution will support the continuation of Seniors First’s Information and Assistance program, which offers relevant resources at the end of a simple phone call, making obtaining reliable and trustworthy information easier than ever for seniors as they grapple with life changes, health and finance issues and the ever changing landscape of information delivery mechanisms.
Pasco is a Roseville-based engineering firm that designs,develops and supports innovative technology education.  Its foundation allows employees to make contributions to local nonprofits through payroll deductions with the assurance that 10% of their contribution goes directly to the charity of their choice.  Pasco covers all administrative costs so more money reaches the organizations serving our community.
“The Seniors First team makes such a difference in providing a variety of resources to the elderly population of Placer County.  Thank you for your dedicated service to our community.  Pasco is proud to assist – hopefully making a difference by adding discretionary funds to an often restricted budget,” commented Pasco Foundation Chair Martina Graham.