Our Programs

Our Programs & Services
Seniors First programs and services are designed to enhance the quality of life for Placer County seniors. These programs include:

  • Senior Meals and Nutrition
  • Information and Assistance
  • Transportation Services
  • Telephone Reassurance
  • Living Placement

Senior Meals and Nutrition
Nutritious, regular meals are critical to the health and well-being of our senior clients. Seniors First offers two different meal options for older adults including our community-based Senior Cafes, and our Meals on Wheels home meal delivery service. Learn more

Placer Rides provides:
Information and Assistance regarding transportation options and financial assistance for Placer County residents. A listing of non-emergency transportation service providers and a transportation handbook of services throughout Placer County is available in print or digital formats. Financial Assistance is available to reimburse gas expenses for a private driver of your choice. If you are unable to locate a driver, Placer Rides may arrange for and fund up to two “last resort” rides per month through a commercial transportation carrier.

Program Details
To be eligible for Placer Rides, individuals must be:

  1. Residents of Placer County who can demonstrate they are:
    • Seniors (60 +), or
    • Individuals with Disabilities, or
    • Low Income Individuals
  2. And do not have another means to take essential trips.
Private Drivers
  • Riders are expected to recruit their own drivers and coordinate their rides. Neighbors, friends, acquaintances, and caregivers all make great drivers.
Placer Rides Forms
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Contact Us
For further information or to complete an application for Placer Rides contact Seniors First by calling (530) 889-9500 or send an email message to [email protected]. Placer Rides is part of the Placer County age-friendly network. For more information about AARP’s network of age-friendly communities, visit https://www.aarp.org/livable-communities/network-age-friendly-communities/info-2014/member-list.html.

Telephone Reassurance Program
Nothing improves one’s mental health and well-being like being in the presence of a caring, compassionate “friend”. Our Telephone Reassurance Program provides screened and trained volunteers to make weekly social phone calls to lonely or isolated seniors. Learn More

Assisted Living Placement
Finding the right living arrangement for a senior family member or friend can be a challenge. The Seniors First Assisted Living Placement team has more than 25 years of experience assisting families across Northern California in finding and negotiating appropriate accommodations for every situation. Let them help you. Learn More

Information and Assistance Line
Seniors First’s Information and Assistance line is the “go to” resource for senior-focused programs, services and assistance. Information and assistance is available by phone in both English and Spanish. In addition, Seniors First publishes a comprehensive Placer County Senior Resource Guide which is available in both digital and printed versions. Learn More