Legacy Giving

Legacy Giving - Why?

The senior population (60 years and older) will nearly triple between now and 2040. This explosive growth demands commensurate growth in services to encourage and sustain senior independence. Supporting Seniors First helps ensure the services we provide will be there when you, your children, and your grandchildren will need them.

A legacy or planned gift is a way to extend your support to Seniors First beyond your lifetime. Planned giving helps maximize the tax benefits of your charitable giving while allowing you to provide a gift you may have not thought possible. Whether doing estate planning, considering year-end giving, or honoring or remembering a beloved person, or cause you create the legacies of tomorrow today.

A bequest is an easy way in which to leave a gift, and your attorney or financial planner can help you with this. A gift can be made in a variety of ways such as leaving a small overall percentage of your estate; giving cash or securities such as stocks and bonds; or naming Seniors First as a beneficiary in your IRA or Insurance policy,.

Seniors First Legacy Society

The Seniors First Legacy Society honors those who have made gifts through bequests, trusts, and other planned gifts. Benefits include invitations to special events, recognition in the Seniors First newsletter and on the web page, and recognition on the Seniors First Legacy Society plaque in our offices.

If you are planning to include or have already included Seniors First in your estate planning, please let us know. We would appreciate the opportunity to express our gratitude and welcome you into the Seniors First Legacy Society. The Seniors First Legacy Society is a group of individuals with a shared passion and desire to help our senior community. Of course, if you wish to remain anonymous, we will respect your wishes.

Where does my Legacy Gift go?

As the donor, YOU can specify how you want your gift allocated. For example, it can go to a specific Seniors First program; or to help with general operational expenses. Alternatively, the gift can go to the Seniors First Endowment Fund managed by the Placer Community Foundation in Auburn for future distribution.