Welcome to Our New Volunteers!

Getting to Know…Keith Hentschel, Seniors First Board Chair
March 28, 2017
What is Mandated Reporting and What Do I Do as a Volunteer?
March 28, 2017
MyRides Friendly Visitor
John Albrecht David Albert
Judy Bacich Kyvele Artinan
Richard Barber Kathy Bowers
Paul Brentson Michelle Danilson
Ray Carhart Hannah Gardner
Elaine Platzer Marcia Graham
Sandy Strautman Melyssa Hollitz
  Joseph Kleinbach
MyMeals Karen McKissick
Maggie Altnow Carmen Morel
JoAnne Bearden Kim Nolan
Sheri Henson Sandy Stringer
Jaime Johnson Cliff Swesey
Paula Ward Melanie Thomson
Julie Warren Michael Trotter
  Ken Windholz
Office Volunteer Alice Wise
Jeannette Hundley  
Recreation & Respite
Judy Loop
Thank you to our new volunteers who have joined Seniors First since our December issue! Our programs are growing and we are always looking for new volunteers – so tell your friends and family about us! If you have any questions about volunteering for Seniors First, contact Volunteer Coordinator Barb Withers at (530) 889-9500 ext. 206 or barb@seniorsfirst.org