Getting to Know…Keith Hentschel, Seniors First Board Chair

March 24, 2017
Welcome to Our New Volunteers!
March 28, 2017


(Keith joined our Board of Directors in 2008 and will leave the Board in June 2017.)

 How did you get involved with Seniors First?

  1. A. Well, my wife and I moved here from the Bay Area in 2000 and I became pretty involved in the community, including at Placer High School. We have three daughters and two grandchildren and away from the Board, I am a financial advisor. I was invited to join the Board in 2008 by then Mayor Bridget Powers, who was also a Seniors First Board member. We were going through many changes then as a non-profit.
  2. What have you learned about seniors since you’ve been on the Board?
    A. If seniors have a strong community of friends and family, stay healthy, and did a good job planning their senior years financially, it makes the transition to retiring easier for them. However, even gaps can happen with good planning so that’s when it’s important to plug into non-profits in your community for additional help and support services – like Seniors First. My wife was diagnosed with early-onset dementia in 2011 and because of this, I am much more empathetic with seniors’ health issues and understand how such a huge life event can be a challenge.
  3. How has Seniors First helped seniors in Placer County?
    A. Our core services: MyMeals, MyRides, Information and Assistance, Recreation & Respite, and Friendly Visitors have all grown and will get even better and more known as we continue to reach out to both seniors and baby boomers. Jamee is very creative and good at collaborating and partnering with people, which has opened the doors for Seniors First to continue to expand its services. We have built a great non-profit which provides much-needed services to our seniors.
  4. What have you enjoyed the most being on the Board?
    A. I think our organization really turned a corner when Jamee came on board because she has a real passion for seniors – it’s in her DNA! Jamee has done a great job creating a partnership among our board members and she is a great communicator. I enjoy learning from her. I really like to work with people of quality. So much of what we have accomplished in the last couple of years is due to Jamee’s hard work and perseverance. She is often way ahead of the curve! I am proud of how much we have grown as a non-profit and we have a very good Board.