Volunteers: Fraud Watch-Front Line!
December 1, 2016
Getting to Know…Dawn Marie Pesola, Senior Nutrition Manager
December 5, 2016

Many of our volunteers have given their time for Seniors First for more than 10 years, and sometimes after volunteering for one program, they move to another.  Since I joined Seniors First in May of this year, we have added 53 new volunteers. Please welcome our wonderful new volunteers! We will continue to note our new volunteers in each quarterly issue.

Welcome New Volunteers!

MyRides MyMeals
Lois Granstrom Ann Huff
Jay Merlo Dale Watkins
Ken Metcalf Richard and Kathy Engelson
Liz Guerrero Linda Sedin
Raj Dosanjh Cathie Kilgard
Denise Woody Lila Shelton
Debra Montgomery Kevin and Erica Ashley
Anne and Phil Breedlove Gail Adams
Michele Daly Sandra Albretsen
  Karen Larsen
Friendly Visitors Bill Dunley
Pam Tomlin Susan Jewell
Delia Pena Hong Altantsooj
Michael McDonald Ellen and Michael Beatty
Diana Kostka Anne and Phil Breedlove
Patricia Shaw Michelle Vossen
Christy Mitchell Becky Connolly
Elaine Huerta Darlene McAfee
David Albert Charlene and Don La Mere
Lynn Hanson Sally Wander
Richard Potts  
Jody Pasquetti Home Safety and Repairs
Sallee Kallenbach Bob Paige
Bryn Brown  
Zippy Arbuckle  
Willis Mullen  
Debra Montgomery  
Elaine Wetman  
Kelly Williams  
Bruce Sarr  
Colleen Lewis