Jamee Horning – Executive Director

Stephanie Vierstra – Development Director

Robert Blake – Finance Director

Barb Withers – Volunteer Coordinator

Juliette Percy – Accounting Assistant

Janessa Jordan – Office Manager

Jenny Picha – Transportation Scheduler

Barbara Wiley – Auburn Transportation Scheduler

Cheryl Durham – Transportation Scheduler – Roseville Transportation Scheduler

Denise DiMiceli – Information and Assistance and Friendly Visitor Program Manager

Deborah Tyler – Information and Assistance Specialist

Ty Sanchez – Information and Assistance Database Specialist

Dana Johnson – Friendly Visitor Coordinator

Joni Trykar – Recreation & Respite Program Manager

Mary Jane Perkins – Recreation & Respite Program Assistant

Beth Williams – Recreation & Respite Program Assistant

Dawn Marie Pesola – Senior Nutrition Program Manager

Kat Green – Senior Nutrition Assistant

Roice Stillwagon – Senior Nutrition Assistant

Jasmine SooHoo-Pope – Registered Dietician

Rick Monasterio – IT

Jessie Westley – Office Coordinator and Receptionist